In a recent post, I’ve written that the first part of a depression treatment is admittance. Accepting that you are in depression is the first and biggest step. However, depression treatment is a rough road to take and sometimes it doesn’t work like you’d expect. In addition, biggest part of depression treatment is done with medications. If you don’t want to use medications or have used but they didn’t work for you, then you might be looking for natural depression treatment. And going online is a good way for this. After all, it’s on the Internet; so, it must be true.

When you look for natural depression treatments, you can’t miss WebMD’s website. It’s a huge website with many information in it. But it doesn’t mean everything on that site is true. In this article, I am going to criticize their article on 10 Natural Depression Treatments.  

  1. The way the author starts the article is non-sense.

“Being depressed can make you feel helpless. You’re not.”

Well, first of all, there is a huge difference between being depressed and having depression. If you don’t understand it, your whole article is going to be rubbish, naturally. Depression is a mental illness. It’s not something you feel after having your click-bait article reviewed. It’s not sadness or feeling blue. It won’t disappear just because you want it to. Check this post to see how depression might actually affect your life.  

  • First step advised by the WebMD professional Ian Cook, MD., is to get in a routine. If Ian Cook knew the basic symptoms of depression, he wouldn’t just say this unfortunate thing. According to Medscape, symptoms of depression include:
    • Sleep disturbance
    • Diminished interest or loss of pleasure in almost all activities
    • Diminished ability to think or concentrate

Which makes is impossible to “get in a routine”. Thanks a lot WebMD.

  • Second advice by WebMD: Set Goals. An online study suggest that pessimism and problems in setting up goals are often seen in depression cases. People having depression normally finds it very difficulty to approach a goal or do anything that is goal-oriented.

“In terms of clinical implications, our results suggest that depressed persons struggle to articulate positive goals to strive for and find it more difficult to engage in alternative goals when existing goals become unattainable. “

  • Third advice by WebMD is to exercise. Well done WebMD. 1 out of 10. Exercise is a good method to fight depression. BUT, it’s not enough. You can’t put your dreams of depression treatment to exercise. Training is very healthy but it’s a complementary method to fight depression.
  • Fourth advice of WebMD is killing me. It basically tells me to “get better”. So, you felling ill huh? Here’s what you do: Get better. WebMD suggests that people having depression should get enough sleep and avoid naps during day. Well, dear WebMD, that’s the definition of my disease you know? I wouldn’t be having depression if I could just get enough sleep.

Guys and gals, natural depression treatment should only be complementary. Go see a doctor and they will decide what is best for you. Checking online to see what you should do is not the way to fight depression. If you are having depression and don’t want to use medications, go see a doctor anyway. Then you can find a better method. Depression is the disease of our age. It did not exist in pre-historic times and therefore, the treatment of depression should be in compliance. If you skip the truth about the fact that depression is a mental disorder and consider it just as a mood swing, you’ll be late in your treatment and you may miss a lot in your life.


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