I’ve been receiving depression treatment for a while now. I can’t say it worked well for me. Because my symptoms haven’t changed, and the side effects of depression treatment medications are not to overlook. This pushed me to find natural methods to fight depression and I’ve found that some are more useful for me than the others. In this post, I will share the most useful natural ways to treat depression that I’ve discovered. These methods of course do not cure your depression but they can be used to improve the effectiveness of your depression treatment.

Medication Sucks, Walking Rocks

Treat Depression Naturally

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As I have experienced in time, medication did not help me with depression. It gave me more time to think about my failures and I couldn’t be able to clear my mind. However, brisk walking, running or any other sportive activity I’ve done outdoors gave me a relief and a chance to perform better afterwards. I am able to study or work after a 30-min session of walking.

Coffee Sucks, A Cold Shower Rocks

Treat Depression Naturally

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I feel sleepy all the time. Therefore, I appeal to coffee a lot of times. But it’s no news that caffeine causes sleep disorders even if you take it early in a day. Your body will grow resistance, in the end, it will become useless and you’ll start to drink more and more. However, starting the day with a cold shower has the effect of ten thousand cup of coffees. It doesn’t have to be in the morning though. Just take a shower when you don’t feel like doing anything and it might help.

Fast-Food Sucks, Regular Eating Rocks

Treat Depression Naturally

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Many people with depression tend to have eating disorders too. I usually don’t eat outside, but that’s mainly because I stay home all the time. But even so, I understand that skipping meals can stimulate mood-swings. By eating regular, you can get a better metabolism which eventually contributes to your mental health.

Depressive Music Sucks, Uprising Music Rocks

Treat Depression Naturally

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 People in depression listens to music that is depressing and gets even more depressed. Well, that doesn’t have to be true. But! Listening to depressive music does not help at all. Well, of course I don’t listen to music to help my depression, I listen because I like it. My psychologist told me that listening to uprising music can help fighting depression and I switched from Porcupine Tree to Prodigy. And that made a change in my general mood. Music heals indeed.


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